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If you are reading this then chances are you are looking to lose weight. But do you really want to lose weight or do you want to lose fat? The difference is massive. My name is Eddie Bojtler. I have spent over forty years working within fitness & weight loss and I have devoted the last 15 years of my life to creating an alternative to dieting and it’s been an interesting journey involving nearly a thousand individuals.

Why should someone looking to lose weight, completely change their eating habits and go on a diet? Surely the answer is to build on the good things that they are already doing and make the couple of changes that create success. I found that people want more than just weight loss. They want more energy, to feel healthier and to have a firm shapely body. The amount of body fat you want to lose is personal to you and that's why you have a choice of different fat loss plan options.

The IntaShape Fat Loss Plan

The fat loss plan is easy to follow, motivates and guides you through how to reduce fat on your waist, hips, buttocks and arms.

Shifting unwanted fat is the healthiest way to lose weight and the fastest way to get in great shape.

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