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We have created a healthy lifestyle program that will help you lose fat, attain the shape you want, increase your energy and fitness levels but with the little bit of flexibility you need in real life - Go To Our Home Page

What do you believe?

Today you are constantly bombarded with different messages on how to eat healthily and what you need to do to lose weight. How many of the statements shown below do you believe to be true?

  1. Don’t eat after eight o’clock at night?
  2. Don’t snack between meals?
  3. Don’t mix carbohydrate with protein?
  4. Cut out bread and potatoes?
  5. Sugar is bad for you?

They are all false!
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  1. Your physiology is the same at five past eight in the evening as it is at five to eight. Some people don’t get home till from work until after 8pm to eat. Shift workers are another example of people who eat at all times of the day and night. This is different to someone who has an evening meal and then sits down to watch TV with a load of junk food. Or a person coming home from a night out and scoffs a curry, kebab or pizza at 11pm.
  2. Snacking between meals is a great way to top up your energy levels mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This is especially true if breakfast and lunch was light. It’s what you snack on that really makes the difference.
  3. A balanced meal should contain a combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat. The advantage of this is that it slows down the speed that energy is released into your body. It means that protein, carbohydrate and fat are sent into your body slower so you have energy for longer and reduce the likelihood of carbohydrate being converted into fat.
  4. Bread and potatoes are all part of a stable diet. They are also low in calories and high in water content. Very often it’s how they are cooked that increases the calorie content like adding oil to cook crisps, chips and French fries. Like all foods it’s also about balance, having a couple of slices of toast for breakfast is different to have three or four slices coated with butter.
  5. Glucose is commonly called sugar and is needed by all the cells in the body. Glucose comes from the carbohydrates and sugars that we eat. The healthiest sources include fresh fruit, vegetables and other high fibre carbohydrates. It’s consuming too much refined sugars like those found in biscuits, chocolates, cakes and soft sugary drinks that can damage health and increase weight.

Are you becoming slimmer?

In your current lifestyle you are probably doing some things that are helping you to become slimmer and probably some things that are stopping you from getting the shape you want. The question is do you know the difference?

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How much weight should you try to lose each week?

  • As much as possible?
  • At least 5 pounds a week?
  • 3-4 pounds a week?
  • 2-3 pounds a week?
  • 1-2 pounds a week?
  • 1 pound or less a week?

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Ideally, for most of us it is 1-2 pounds a week. Listen to the video and find out why here.

How many inches of fat can you lose each week?

Menu Text1-2 inches a week?
2-3 inches a week?
3-4 inches a week?
More than 4 inches a week?

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The amount of fat you can lose is around1-2 inches a week. Listen to the video and find out why here

What Our Clients Say'

Jackie............ With three children under six years old to chase after the Eddie's programme was just the kick-start I required to become slimmer and regain some much-needed energy. My results were extremely impressive. I can now fit into clothes I last wore eleven years ago, although I've got a feeling fashions may have moved on a little since then. Many thanks Eddie. Celia............ When I started with Eddie he described it as being a lifestyle plan rather than a diet. I would completely endorse that. I thoroughly recommend the Eddie and his plan to anybody Lynn............ I used to be regular gym user and eat very healthily. I knew what I should be doing but stopped for personal reasons and found it difficult to start again. Eddie gave me the inspiration to get back on track and start doing the right things again. Debbie............ Eddie's plan is a no-nonsense sensible plan that works and becomes a way of life Marc............ I joined my first gym some years ago to try to lead a healthier lifestyle. Even through I was going to the gym regularly, and thought I was eating a decent, healthy, balanced diet, I was not losing weight. In the first six weeks on Intashape I lost 8 inches and 9 pounds. Intashape is an easy, honest programme, which I continue to follow with brilliant results. I have now lost a total of 5 inches from my waist alone and 20 pounds in weight. Ann Percival............ It is great to have found a simple eating and activity plan which is both easy to follow and fits into my normal daily routine. The plan encourages better eating and activity habits with Eddie giving daily and weekly personal targets. I found that I didn't have to make too many changes to get a great result and have recommended the Intashape plan to my friends Alison............ I have never followed a dietary programme before but I did the Eddie's plan because I was interested to see if it would make a difference (to that 1/2 stone I wouldn't mind losing) and to experience the programme for myself, so I had more information when my gym customers asked me about it. I am now in a position to speak from experience and I recommend it to you if you are struggling to lose weight or need motivation. Elaine............ My goals when I started with Eddie were to improve my energy and fitness levels and lower my body fat In just three months I lost 22 inches in fat from my body and 20 pounds in weight. I know that both my fitness and energy levels have improved. The most impressive aspect is that 16 months on and I have got the balance right between eating healthily and letting my hair down. Julian............ I have got to have been one of Eddie's biggest challenges as my lifestyle had lead me to become fat, unfit and just plain tired. And for the record I had been fat for nearly 20 years. I know that this sounds mad but from November to February (yes including Christmas) I lost over 2 stone in fat and four inches off my waist. The bizarre thing is even with my lifestyle I have made it work. Alison............ Following Eddie's plan I have in 8 months 33 inches from my body and dropped four dress sizes. My life has changed and so has my wardrobe!
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